Rich Leon playing at The Beat Cup Cafe in Delray Beach, FL. (Click to view video clip on Instagram.)
Rich at The Beat Cup Cafe in Delray Beach, FL. (Click picture or here to view video clip on Instagram.)

As an authoreducator, musician, technical and business writer/editor, amateur wooden boatbuilder, and strong supporter of locally-owned, community-centered, socially responsible businesses and organizations in South Florida; I write about important cultural trends (with emphasis on personal and ecological health and well-being), teach music, and play upbeat ‘islandy’ songs as a solo artist at cafés, bookstores, restaurants, clubhouses, baby & bridal showers, weddings, parties, events, meetups, celebrations, green markets, and special occasions.

Go(o)d Vibrations

Lua believed that music—the most profound of all the arts—represented life and living as no other art form could. She was convinced that life’s mysteries were better understood through analogies drawn from the world of hearing than from the world of sight. While eyes and hands are good at perceiving space, the ears perceive the passage of time as an audible image―an image of tones or vibrations, in the case of music. Music makes time audible. So with music, we experience time, which is life, and therefore get to ‘play’ for a time in life’s deep mysteries.

From my book Lua’s Song: Islandy Wisdom for Mainlanders

Rich and friends serve up some islandy grooves for ‘Surfers for Autism 2016‘ Event in Deerfield Beach, FL. Photo by Dennis Drucker.

My Bio (in a Nutshell)
I earned degrees in Engineering Science and Mechanics (Georgia Tech) and in Sociology (University of Florida) and was employed for a stretch as a power systems engineer (FP&L and GE) and later paid the bills as a freelance Internet software developer and instructor, technical writer, and marine electrician.

These days, I devour books and articles on energy and environmental issues, sustainable development, and ecological economics and earn a living—and try to banish some ugliness from the world—as a writer/editor, educator, and musician.